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The Immortal 9/11 Conspiracy

The Immortal 9/11 Conspiracy
Some conspiracy theories never die. They remain impervious to facts or logic. So deeply enamored are some cynics with their dark fantasies, that all evidence to the contrary is either ignored, or dismissed.
The E ring of the Pentagon at the 7th Corridor is beginning to fill with a thin haze of smoke, about 20 mins after plane hit the Pentagon. Photo by Jamie McIntyre. © 2001
So it is with the 9/11 deniers who still, nine years later, argue no plane hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. And I know this firsthand, because one of my reports is routinely used, or misused, to perpetuate the myth.

Outside the River Entrance, waiting for the second plane to hit, 9/11/01 Photo by Jamie McIntyre ©2001
Google “Jamie McIntyre” and “9/11” and this firsthand account from 2001 will pop up, in which I utter the fateful words, “I can tell you from my close-up inspection, there’s no evidence of a plane crashing anywhere NEAR the Pentagon.”
That phrasing – taken out on context – has fueled internet conspiracies for years, and a fresh crop has popped up ahead of the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.
What the 9/11 deniers intentionally misrepresent, is that I was answering a question about an earlier report that the plane crashed SHORT of the Pentagon, nearby. I was explaining there was no sign of a crash anywhere BUT at the Pentagon.
A portion of the Pentagon collapses — 9/11/01 — Photo by Jamie McIntyre ©2001
A Google search will also turn up a longer version of the same report, in which you can see the full context of my report, and how it was deliberately distorted by mischief-makers whose motives are frankly unfathomable to me.
Whenever  I confront one of these conspiracy promoters, the result is the same: they simply conclude I must be lying, or that the government has “gotten to me” to change my story.
But I was there. I saw the thousands of pieces of the plane scattered over the heliport outside the Pentagon. I photographed pieces of the wreckage, photos you can see here.
As a journalist I understand why some people are willing to believe the worst about the government. Because sometimes the government does lie, and cover up.
On the heliport thousands of tiny shards of airplane wreckage cover the ground, 9/11/01 — Photo by jamie McIntyre ©2001
But the evidence surrounding the events of the September 11 is overwhelming and incontrovertible. Conspiracy theorists use a very simple devious and disingenuous tactic to sow doubt and promote their dubious conclusions. They simply ignore all the strong links in the chain of evidence, and focus instead on the weakest possible link.
If all you had to go by was the short clip of me saying, “there’s no evidence a plane hit anywhere NEAR the Pentagon,” you might well debate all day what I meant.
But we have all the evidence we need to know, without any doubt, that American Airlines flight 77 that took off from Dulles Airport was in fact flown into the side of the Pentagon the morning of September 11th.
A piece of wreckage that appears to be a cockpit window — 9/11/01 — Photo by Jamie McIntyre ©2001
When it comes to questioning the official version of events, it’s good to keep an open mind. But if your mind is too open, your brain can fall out.
And frankly I think that’s what’s happened to some of these deniers.
[Construction Complete On 9/11 Truther Memorial]
A piece of American Airlines flight 77, on the grounds of the Pentagon — 9/11/01 — Photo by Jamie McIntyre ©2001
The picture I was arrested for taking. A Pentagon Police officer claimed I violated the ban on photography. — 9/11/10 — Photo by Jamie McIntyre ©2001
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Glenda · 144 weeks ago
Many thanks for sharing this pix, Jamie! I just heard your interview on WTOP and couldn't wait to get home to see them! I've posted to FB already and plan to send the link to several of my conspiracy-theory relations and friends! BTW, great blog!!
Mark S. Zaid, Esq. · 144 weeks ago
I have dealt with conspiracy theories for my entire professional career as a lawyer. You name it, I've either represented someone connected to it or researched it. The JFK assassination, the RFK assassination, the Lincoln assassination, the MLK assassination, Pan Am 103, Princess Diana, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and the list could go on.

That no plane crashed into the Pentagon (which, ergo, apparently means it was a missile) is one of the more absurd - even laughable - 9/11 conspiracy theories. There are so many people who actually personally witnessed an American Airlines plane go speeding past and low and then right into the Pentagon.

I was home at that time in Crystal City, perhaps 1/2 mile from the Pentagon, and felt the impact when my building shook. A client and an associate called me immediately and told me they saw a plane go down.

I once met Barbara Olson in the green room at CNN when we were there for interviews. So where exactly has she and the other passengers from the flight been for the last 9 years?

The "evidence" from the perimeter security cameras also fails to contribute any support to the theory. True, you can't see the plane hit and just see something streaking across and then an explosion, but that is because those cameras were not operating at a fast enough speed to capture a 650 mph plane striking the building. The cameras were looking to expose auto thieves and trespassers.

I will openly say it: anyone who does not believe a plane - and specifically American Airlines Flight 77 - hit the Pentagon is either an idiot or needs professional help.
CRo · 143 weeks ago
Methinks you protesteth too much about “these deniers”...
Just as lawyers long ago lost the aura that once attended their profession… good soldiers suffer the shame of sell-out Generals; and Clergy are painted (deservedly) with the same brush vis-à-vis their pedophilic brethren… Simarlarlarly, “go-along - get along” reporters bear significant responsibility for the professional decay festering so long in “mainstream” journalism (excepting, of course, you few who fight against it… mostly).
Until “professional” journalists stand-up more forcibly and effectively against the corporate greed-mongers that have successfully usurped your profession, it seems, at best, hypocritical to complain about folks questioning what they see on TV. …And at worst, disingenuous, dismissive and self-serving.
BTW, Great blog – Thanx.
Karen L of WA · 141 weeks ago
Many also deny that a plane could bring down the NY towers. I blame most of this on the fact that many people have little to no knowledge of science and/or math and just can't understand basic facts. Others are just out of touch with reality, they want to create their own reality.
Enver Masud · 127 weeks ago
A few photographs are just that — photographs. They become evidence of Flight 77 when backed up by forensic evidence that they came from Flight 77 — some of the parts would have serial numbers that could be matched to the logs. Then there's contradictory evidence I lay out in my September 11, 2010 article "Pentagon Transcripts, Official Records Belie "The 9/11 Commission Report'." I challenge you to a debate.
terry · 110 weeks ago
I was on the deck of the last Staten Island Ferry (8:45a) that was on its way into nyc when the towers were attacked . In fact, I saw the second plane come along and turn into the second tower. I did not see any identifying marks such as the name of the airlines on second plane. I thought at that time and even now that it seemed odd. We never made it into the harbor that day- the boat was turned around and sent back to staten island. There were no more boats for a week.
1 reply · active 92 weeks ago
Tom · 92 weeks ago
I have 9/11 and In Memoriam documentaries. And both clearly show, from multiple angles, that a United Airlines plane was the second plane to crash into the towers.
Jean · 101 weeks ago
The pictures posted have no significance. They only further reinforce the fact that no Boeing Plane hit the
Pentagon. That is a sick and futile effort to enforce an unenforceable lie. The Comments by Mark are so
of the mark that it is sickening. Only an Idiot would accept this story, not as he put it but then I notice he has
esquire as a title which to me indicates he is an attorney which automatically renders his opinion questionable as they are trained to decieve. Barbara Olson is alive and well. The phone calls were Phony
calls. That was proven using an unusual approach by implementing common sense. False Flag attack, pure
and simple and the coverup was so obvious only a fool would believe otherwise and only a shill or disinfo
agent would attempt to defend the obvious lie. It is no big problem to grease a few hands with a few bucks
to get them to swear to having seen something that never happened and broadcast it far and wide as though it was truth while ignoring the many that contradict those statements and not allowing them exposure to the public.
1 reply · active 92 weeks ago
Tom · 92 weeks ago
You're right. All lawyers are liars and are part of the conspiracy! And the bottom photo in the right column showing the American Airlines livery is obviously not from any Boeing plane. I have a tin foil hat for you....
greg · 87 weeks ago
oh thanks for posting this! - explains exactly how building 7 fell at freefall acceleration for over two seconds without the use of any other explosives and contrary to all understaning of physics today

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